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Improve recruitment and yourself

We offer training so you can hire smarter, faster & better

Improve recruitment and yourself

We offer training so you can hire smarter, faster & better


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Online classes with personal coaching

Employer Branding & Recruitment Training

Do you want to improve your recruitment process and yourself? We help you to increase your expertise and broaden your skills. Our training courses focus on the challenges that you – as an HR professional or recruiter – face daily:

With us, you work on the best version of yourself. Find new paths with our assistance; try, persevere, take control, and embrace new insights to make an impact.

We elevate your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We help you to develop professionally and personally, increasing your self-awareness and enrichment with unique educational experiences.

Had a super fun, interesting, and fascinating training from Jacco with regard to writing job adverts. Lots of interaction and you start working on your own job ads. Interesting information about the use of words and order of a vacancy text. I will recommend everyone to follow this training.
Tara Zwenger

Employer Branding

Build a strong employer brand. Get inspiring ideas for an engaging career site or powerful job campaign.

Recruitment via LinkedIn

In this popular masterclass you will get all the knowledge and tools to get the most out of LinkedIn for recruitment.

Compelling Job Adverts

Discover how to write compelling job ads. Learn about copywriting for recruitment. Create a revised advert that stands out.

ChatGPT for Recruitment

This ChatGPT training has already helped many recruiters to transform their work. Don't miss this opportunity to innovate.

Social Media Recruitment

Do you want to recruit faster and more efficiently in a new way? Social media offers plenty of opportunities for this.


Create an impressive start and make your employees more engaged and productive. With useful checklists and frameworks.

Interviewing techniques

Make the right choice with our masterclass Competency-based interviewing

IT Recruitment

Do you want to hire skilled IT talent faster?

Discover how in our masterclass IT Recruitment

Talent Acquisition Strategy

build the foundation of your recruitment strategy under professional guidance.

A very inspiring course, I recommend it! I learned a lot from Jacco and now I can use our corporate social media completely differently. Very useful in times when everything happens online. Thank you!

Kasia Robeerst   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In-company training

Picture this. You've got a team bursting with potential, and you're eager to help them tap into it. But traditional courses don't always match their unique needs or sync up with their knowledge levels. It's a common challenge, but we've got a solution tailor-made just for you: in-company training.

Imagine a course customized to address your organization's specific hurdles, a learning journey that meets your team right where they are and takes them where they need to be. It's training on your terms - you decide the headcount, the venue, and the schedule.

Just think about the time and money you'll save. The logistics become simpler, and the costs become friendlier, especially when you have a bigger group.

See, at the heart of our in-company courses is a belief: when training is made to fit the team, rather than the other way around, everyone wins. It's not just about upskilling; it's about unlocking potential and sparking growth. And we can't wait to start that journey with you.

Recruitment training tailored for you

Develop your recruitment skills with our  in-company classes, led by seasoned instructors and customized for your organisation. Experience the benefits:

  • Access to expert knowledge that you can apply immediately
  • Including handouts, support afterwards and a certificate
  • Online or on-site sessions so you can enjoy your own coffee ;-)

Trusted by over 10,000 HR professionals since 2007.

9.2 rating ⭐

Like you, we are constantly evolving and improving ourselves. Our trainer score is the highest in the industry: in 2021 our average rating was 9.2!