Attract the right talent faster and at lower costs

Book our masterclass Employer Branding

Attract the right talent faster and at lower costs

Book our masterclass Employer Branding

As a recruiter, attracting the right talent faster and at lower costs is probably top of your priority list. To engage the right people, a strong employer brand and complementary recruitment marketing are needed.

The good news is that employer branding is not just for organizations with great brand awareness or big budgets. However, you can't build a strong employer brand overnight: it takes time.

In this training, you will take solid steps towards building such a brand. Let's be creative, and use existing resources and recruitment channels more effectively. We focus on your daily practice: we'll work with the strategy behind your employer brand and show you how to implement it. You will go home full of inspiration and fresh ideas.


Build a strong employer brand

Discover more about:

Employer Branding Strategy

  • A step-by-step employer branding plan, including the 6 building blocks for establishing a unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP).
  • Multiple ways to determine the identity of your organization.
  • Tips for storytelling and collecting stories from employees.
  • Methods for measuring and improving the employer brand (KPIs).

Targeted Recruitment Marketing

  • The best qualitative and quantitative recruiting channels.
  • Useful and original tips for creating a better recruitment site.
  • Advice for an effective referral program.
  • Inspiring examples of recruitment marketing campaigns.

Communication Plan

  • Key components of an Employer Branding and communication plan
  • Target group analysis and desk research.
  • Effective labor market and competitive analysis.

You also get our special whitepaper on ChatGPT with applications and prompt engineering tips.

Good course with many practical examples and assignments in between the theory. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a deep dive into recruitment marketing and employer branding.


Mariët Saakstra, Content Marketeer

A must for communication professionals who, together with their recruiters, want to take their Employer Brand to the next level. From tips on how to improve your job ads to deploying the network of your employees.


Saskia Goedheer, Senior Communications Advisor and Press/Media Officer

A fun, valuable day in which I learned a lot! Recruitment is really a profession that involves many facets such as Marketing, Employment Law, and Communication. In this training, all these facets come to the fore and you get a lot of tips. Recommended!!


Iris Elburg, Senior Recruiter

Create an employer brand experience that shows candidates who you are

Boost your employer brand

Training tailored to you

Develop recruiting skills via our (online) incompany classes, with personal coaching. The benefits include:

  • Access to expert knowledge that you can apply immediately
  • Including handouts, support afterwards and a certificate
  • Online session so you can enjoy your own coffee ;-)

More than 10,000 HRM professionals and recruiters have taken our courses since 2007.

Contact us to discuss your needs for an in-company training

Contact us to discuss your needs for an in-company training

Your trainer

Jacco Valkenburg is an author, trainer, and recruitment architect with a passion for understanding and shaping the future of hiring. With 7 best-selling books on Recruitment and 25 years of experience developing global recruitment strategies, he has a deep understanding of the industry. He has shared his expertise with 10.000+ professionals. But it's not just about the past – he's also a heavy user of AI and ChatGPT, tools that are shaping our future in recruitment and sourcing.