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Our training courses focus on the challenges that you as an HR professional or recruiter face daily because, despite the uncertain labor market, a few recruitment trends are visible. 

The most important trend: it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill vacancies. Therefore, there is a crucial task for you as a recruiter!

The lightning-fast technological developments in AI are significantly disrupting the labor market. At the same time, new jobs are being created, and the demand for technical engineers, IT specialists, healthcare staff, teachers, and other crafts continues to increase.

That means work to be done for recruiters! Recruiting better and smarter: that's your job. Our subject matter experts and trainers can help you with this. They know all the ins and outs of recruitment and, thanks to their years of experience, they know what works and what doesn't. They are excited to help you professionalize your approach.

More than 10,000 HR professionals and recruiters have preceded you by undergoing inspiring and innovative training with us.


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Masterclasses with personal coaching

In-company training

Picture this. You've got a team bursting with potential, and you're eager to help them tap into it. But traditional courses don't always match their unique needs or sync up with their knowledge levels. It's a common challenge, but we've got a solution tailor-made just for you: in-company training.

Imagine a course customized to address your organization's specific hurdles, a learning journey that meets your team right where they are and takes them where they need to be. It's training on your terms - you decide the headcount, the venue, and the schedule.

Just think about the time and money you'll save. The logistics become simpler, and the costs become friendlier, especially when you have a bigger group.

See, at the heart of our in-company courses is a belief: when training is made to fit the team, rather than the other way around, everyone wins. It's not just about upskilling; it's about unlocking potential and sparking growth. And we can't wait to start that journey with you.

Are you looking for recruitment or employer branding training in The Netherlands? Have a look at the 20+ training courses we offer via Recruiter University.


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"I will recommend everyone to follow this training"

Had a super fun, interesting, and fascinating training from Jacco about writing job adverts. Lots of interaction and you start working on your own job ads. Interesting information about the use of words and order of a vacancy text.

Ms. Nameless
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"A very inspiring course, I recommend it"

I learned a lot from Jacco and now I can use our corporate social media completely differently. Very useful in times when everything happens online. Thank you!

Ms. Nameless
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"A fun, valuable day in which I learned a lot"
Recruitment is really a profession that involves many facets such as Marketing, Employment Law, and Communication. In this training, all these facets come to the fore and you get a lot of tips. Recommended!!
Ms. Nameless
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