Do you want to hire skilled IT talent faster?

Discover how in our masterclass IT Recruitment

Do you want to hire skilled IT talent faster?

Discover how in our masterclass IT Recruitment

You want the IT specialists and engineers who make a difference, and it is possible to attract them… We’ll show you how to do things differently from the competition and get better results.

To begin with, make smarter use of the available resources: LinkedIn, for example, has countless, unexpected (new) possibilities. During our masterclass, you will discover how you can apply these immediately. In addition, we analyze the communication behavior of your target group and we work on a strategy to approach it successfully.

This training is also suitable for experienced IT Recruiters: you are guaranteed to get more results from your recruitment activities.

You'll get 90 days of support and a 30-minute private online session too, meaning that even after this training, you will get help with your approach and answers to all your questions.


Learn how to be successful in IT recruitment

Jacco Valkenburg, author of Recruitment 3.0, provides this intensive masterclass. He has been working in IT recruitment for more than 20 years. He is (according to the experts) always working at the forefront, and discusses the following with you::

Insights into the IT target group and your job openings

  • The most important insights into the IT labor market.
  • Facts, figures, preferences, and motivation drivers of the IT target group.
  • A good start: asking the right questions during a job intake, including a handy template.
  • Target group analysis and desk research.

Optimizing recruitment channels

  • The unique and distinctive story of the vacancy and the organization.
  • Practical tools for writing appealing, compelling job ads.
  • Smart solutions to take your recruitment marketing to the next level.
  • Useful and original tips to improve your career site.

A successful proactive approach to candidates

  • The dos and don'ts for approaching in-demand IT professionals.
  • Getting in touch with the best IT talent and getting them to apply.
  • Online communities (other than LinkedIn) where you can find developers.

    A fast high-quality selection process

  • Positively influence the candidate's experience.
  • The best candidate selection methods.

Very interesting training on how to find and attract the right IT consultants. In addition, the practical examples in combination with theory in this course have helped me a lot.


Stefan Vis, IT Recruiter

Jacco combines theory with many practical examples. Very useful for ins and outs in IT. Stories of companies where he has worked for and facts about the effects of a different approach were great (rethinking what you already have).

Recruitment Manager

Do things differently from the competition

Do things differently from the competition

Online training tailored to you

Develop your skills via our small online classes, with personal coaching. The benefits include:
  • Short online sessions, and no travel time
  • Flexibility, making the sessions easy to fit into your work schedule
  • Access to expert knowledge that you can apply immediately
  • An opportunity to share feedback & discuss your learnings every session
  • Time to ask the trainer questions before, during, and after each class
  • It’s easy to enjoy your own coffee ;-)

Contact us to discuss your needs for an in-company training

Contact us to discuss your needs for an in-company training

Your trainer

Jacco Valkenburg is a recruitment expert and one of the most famous Dutch authors and bloggers in this field. He wrote 5 professional books including 'Recruitment 3.0'. He successfully helps organizations – such as ING, TomTom, KPN, Canon – to improve recruitment and employer branding, from strategy to realization. He is also a teacher registered at Inholland Academy HRM.